Our fees are, in principle, calculated on the basis of the actual amount of time spent on a particular matter at standard hourly rates. Any changes to these rates are agreed and notified to the client separately or shown directly on our invoice before the change takes effect.

The rates may be adjusted by mutual consent in accordance with the evolution of our basic hourly rates. Exceptional expenses (in particular travelling costs, couriers, bailiffs and other third-party services) are billed separately.

Our fees are generally calculated on the basis of actual time spent on the file. As a rule we bill monthly.

The time recorded takes into account all Wenner’s activities, including negotiation, consultation and contentious procedures for the client and in particular: meetings, research, consultations and assistance, drafting, consultations and correspondence, amending draft contracts, telephone calls and in the case of litigation, drafting pleadings, exchange of evidence, attendance at hearings, arguments in court, experts meetings etc.

Travelling time is charged, as a rule, at 50%.

The partner in charge of billing is responsible for checking the accuracy and relevance of the time spent. Our invoices are accompanied by a statement of time spent.

We may request a payment on account of costs.

Invoices are payable on receipt. According to article L 441-6 of the French Commercial Code, we remind our clients that, in case of non-payment upon receipt, lump sum damages of 40 € are automatically due in addition to interest on late payment at the default rate provided for in article L441-6.

Payment of invoices by the client is deemed to be definitive acceptance of the hourly rates and the hours billed.

Our general terms and conditions for the provision of our services, which are available by clicking on this link, apply.