Merci Mischa !

Born in Krefeld, Germany, Mischa arrived in Paris at the end of 1980 within the framework of her legal clerkship in order to start an internship with WENNER. She ignored at that time that this would be the beginning for a lifetime career within the firm. After her internship, she joined WENNER as an associate in 1981 before making partner in 1988.

Very early on, Mischa specialized in Corporate Law and has been advising our clients on all kinds of transactions, such as mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, joint ventures and executive management governance.

Over decades, her continuous efforts and her technical and interpersonal skills enabled WENNER to repeatedly win new clients while keeping existing ones. By doing so, WENNER was able to advise a steadily rising number of companies, not only on corporate law matters but also on all other operational aspects.

We cannot thank Mischa enough for her contribution to the development and reputation of our firm and wish her all the best for her retirement.

Our partners Jens FÖRDERER and Lionel LEPAGE, assisted by Carina GRIGORIAN and Mathias SCHMID, as associates, and by our paralegals Valérie LEPRESTRE and Beata REDDET, will continue to advise our clients in M&A transactions and in all other aspects of corporate law (company set-up, approval of annual accounts, management reports, share capital increases, executive management governance, …).