Anne-Laure is an associate and advises principally on industrial and technical litigation in the construction, real estate, urbanism, environmental, energy and criminal law areas.

In particular, she manages industrial risk-related aspects of workplace accidents, issues of product liability and safety, including defective products and equipment, and related accidents to consumers as a result.

Anne-Laure also advises clients on the development of renewable energy projects, particularly photovoltaic plants and windfarms.

Anne-Laure’s recent experience includes:

  • Defending the interests of a services provider in the transport and logistics sector in commercial litigation arising out of the construction of one of its warehouses, including in relation to the forensic examination ordered;
  • Advising developers of photovoltaic and windfarm projects including auditing such projects;
  • Defending the interests of of a manufacturer of wind turbine blades involved in civil litigation arising over alleged defects in its products, including in relation to the forensic examination ordered;
  • Defending the interests of a factory that recycles electrical and electronic equipment in criminal litigation arising out of a workplace accident on the factory’s production line;
  • Defending the interests of a distributor of elevation platforms in criminal litigation for alleged non-conformity of its products arising out of a workplace inspection;
  • Defending the interests of a sub-contractor on a building site for the construction of a warehouse accused of involuntary homicide resulting from a workplace accident resulting in death;
  • Advising the developer of a photovoltaic plant on a workplace inspection by the authorities arising out of alleged suspicions of undeclared work; and
  • Defending the interests of a party accused of complicity in a criminal moral harassment matter.

Anne-Laure joined Wenner in 2011.

Tél. : +33 (0)1 42 66 89 11
Fax : +33 (0)1 42 66 89 01

French, German, English
Masters in European Law, focus: French and German law (University Paris X Nanterre and University of Potsdam)
Masters in Environmental Law (University Paris XI Paris-Sud)
LL.M. in German Law (University Potsdam)
Avocat à la Cour, Paris Bar, 2011